Erected on high ground near the Bradano river, the fortified Casale di San Marco was a farm complex donated in 1093 by Unfredo d'Altavilla, lord of the fiefdom, to the Abbey of Santa Maria di Banzi and later, in the 15th century, to Francesco del Balzo, Count of Montescaglioso.

t remained in the ownership of all the feudal lords who held Montescaglioso until the mid-19th century.

The palace that still stands today was built by the Marquises Grillo-Cattaneo in the 17th century and incorporates some structures belonging to the medieval settlement.

In 1735, the Casale hosted King Charles III of Bourbon, who spent a night there before going to the Castle of Bernalda, a village that he gave the title of City on the occasion of this trip.

The property has undergone several changes: in the central nucleus there is a rural courtyard structure in which the ground floor, divided into several rooms, was used as accommodation for employees, warehouses and stables, while the first floor was the owner's residence. The portal leading into the entrance courtyard is intact and bears the coat of arms of the family that built the palace. The historic building is enclosed on three sides by partly dilapidated and partly inhabited structures. On the ground floor, a series of rooms can be seen, presumably first stables and then, at the beginning of the century, cellars and rooms for maturing cheese with interconnecting ogival doors and a vaulted brick roof. The first floor, which is partly unsafe, has a balcony to the south, a portico to the east and numerous rooms all with vaulted roofs.

In 1925-26 the estate was bought by the Quinto family, large landowners from Pisticci.



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