The Church of St Donato is located at the northern end of the town's main street, Corso Umberto.

Dating back to before the foundation of Bernalda, it was located in the ancient hamlet of Camarda, a centre of Greek origin, whose existence was functional to the Magna Graecia polis Metaponto, which had relations of various kinds with the populations of the Lucanian and Apulian interior. In the ancient site between the Church of St Donato and the Madonna degli Angeli, a fair number of tombs from the Greek period were found.

In some documents it is reported that St Donato was the protector of ancient Camarda until St Bernardino was chosen, in honour of Bernardino de Bernaudo, founder of Bernalda.

In 1544 the church was in good condition. In 1678, according to Monsignor Culminarez during his pastoral visit, there was a fresco on the wall depicting the saint, but nothing else is recorded. First restored in 1708, it was destroyed by the Saracens in 1726 and remained dilapidated until 1766, when it was restored, and then enlarged in 1800.

Next to the church is the ancient Cross of the Conventual Franciscan Convent, which the monks placed next to the feudal gate of Bernalda and which was subsequently moved several times as the urban settlement progressed.

The Church of St Donato used to house the triumphal chariot of St Bernardino, which concluded the triumphal procession during the August Patron Saint's Day. On 7 August 2013, after major restoration work was carried out, it was reconsecrated on the occasion of the first mass and once again became a place of worship much loved by the citizens.



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